Saturday, December 09, 2006

Looking deeper: Bradley interim coach of MNT

This article looks at how what the USSF should and what they didn't do. One complaint is that Bradley isn't a top level coach and the "Powerhouses" all have big name coaches. Let's look at some of the top coaches in MLS and see whether or not ther have big name coaches.

England - Steve McClaren

Has coached before, but is not exactly the best coach possible. England were another country who had trouble finding a new coach after Eriksson said he would quit after the World Cup. Also, one of their favorites turned down the job at the last second (Scolari) and they had to opt for a more local coach, McClaren. However in the US' case, Bradley is just an interim (Hopefully) while the USSF continues their search for a new coach.

Brazil - Dunga

Dunga was a player and has experience, but a good player is not always a good coach. He can be successful, or a failure, but the Brazilians are willing to try. In Bradley's case, he has experience, and as is the case with every coach, must have a try atleast at the international stage. If he is a success, then the US will have a strong (interim) coach, and if he fails, he'll be soon before any serious damage is done.

Italy - Roberto Donadoni

Another coach with little experience, and has probably the most dificult job with all the press and expectations around him. However, the Italians, similar the the Brazilians, are willing to give him a chance. It is a big gamble, but for some reason they are willing to take. The US should try out Bradley for five months before giving the verdict on him.

Another matter that springs to mind, now the Bradley is gone, is that who will coach Chivas USA, and keep control of "Bradley Players" like Razov and Guevara. For now, we can just wait and see.

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