Saturday, December 02, 2006

News and Analysis

December's first post starts with a few recent things and articles.

Joe Cannon is heading to Los Angeles.

This leaves Kevin Hartmann with a few options.
New York needs a better starter than Conway, and Hartmann could be an option.
Also, I have heard that Bo Oshonyi has been waived by KC, and Hartmann could be ideal for the.
RSL has to improve their defence, and a good goalie is the place to start.
Columbus needs another keeper for another reason, he could go there.
Or else, he will find himself sitting on the bench for LA, something which will cost them a lot.

Soccer by Ives looks at how the trade can and will affect the Red Bulls.

From the Guardian.It tells MLS what it should do so it can get its 'groove' back. Here's what it says:

1. Give the national women's team a franchise.
2. Create a new franchise every year out of the College All-Stars or college champions and locate them in the college town that won the title.
3. Recreate the FA Cup in the US.
4. Join forces with Mexico and Central America.

This has caused many reactions.
I believe the answer to number 3 is the US Open Cup, only it isn't marketed that well.
Joining forces with Mexico and Central America? The Interliga is a step towards that.
Or else, this is a useless article, and the advice given will not help MLS greatly.
On another note, Jaime Trecker believes MLS should be the first league to use technology in influencing the refree's decision.

Meanwhile,Poul-Henrik Worm, another European, looks at MLS and gives better advice on what it can do to get better

Oguchi Onyewu has drawn intrests from Real Madrid. While this may seem to look like a good move, I believe Onyewu should go somewhere he can play European soccer, play top class oposition day in day out, and hold a starting roll. Real wont be easy to get into when your competing with Fabio Cannavaro for the starting job.

Here are a few rumors found by Toronto MLS FC

Ivan de la pena is headed for New York

The Score will have the rights to broadcast Toronto FC games.

Swedish defender Teddy Lucicis headed for Toronto FC.

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