Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oguchi Onyweu is going to Marseille

Oguchi Onyewu is set for a move to Marsielle. Marsielle are currently in second place behind Lyon. This is a great chance for Onyewu to play top level soccer, as well as playing is Europe. This is also a better option than playing at Chelsea or Real Madrid where he may be 3rd or 4th choice to start.

Also: Dempsey came off the bench for Fulham today, who beat Stoke City 3-0.
Brian McBride score for Fulham.

Also: RSL has issued a statement about their Debt on

Also: Claudio Reyna has joined New York Red Bulls, and from what I understand, he will be occupying one of their two DP slots. Reyna will help provide some stability to the Red Bulls (unless he is out injured). I just hope he doesn't have a season like John O'Brien did last season.

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