Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Predictions: Rest of the East

4 - New England
They should be able to make the play-offs, and should have a good record in the reg. season. Dempsey should be a big loss, but they must have known he was leaving for 6 months, and should have had a plan worked out by now.

5 - Chicago
Losing Herron and Jaqua might sting the Fire this season. They might be able to get into the play-offs, due to the new rules to get in.

6 - Kansas City
They have acquired Hartman, and with Garcia, Conrad and Burciaga in defence, they should be solid. The problem? They will miss these players, along with probably Eddie Johnson, for the summer tournaments, which will truly test their depth.

7 - Columbus
They probably haven't done enough to make the play-offs this season. They should flashes at the end of last season, but they may be a year away from returning from the play-offs.

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