Monday, March 26, 2007

Latest U.S. news

U.S. beats Ecuador 3-1.

Here are the goals:

Some thoughts about the game:
*Can ESPN and BBC or some other international soccer broadcaster form a strategic partnership, like MLS did with Bundesliga? It would be an improvement from some of the current commentators.
*Good to see Donovan back. Can he come near this performance in the summer tournaments?
*Howard seems to be 1st-choice goalkeeper now
*Feilhaber and Bradley seem to be the future of US' midfield
*Dempsey is still not match fit
*Onyewu needs to concentrate more on the game
*The Eric Wynalda Yellow/Red Card segment is a step in the right direction.

Best Performers from the game:
* Landon Donovan - a hat trick says it all
* Feilhaber - not a bad debut
* Bradley - showing lots of potential

Can Improve:
* Beasley
* The defence - they need chemistry

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