Thursday, March 29, 2007

Power Rankings

Based on predictions, CCC, Lamar Hunt Cup, etc. Very few changes though:
1. Houston Dynamo (-) haven't hurt their hold on first place
2. D.C. United (+1) Strong in CCC, and new signings (Fred, Emilio), have made them second to the Dynamo
3. New England (-1)
4. Chicago Fire (+2) haven't done much, just that other team's previously above them don't seem deserving of a higher spot.
5. Chivas USA (+2)
6. Los Angeles (+3)
7. Colorado Rapids (-3) just a completely different team from last year - is it for better or for worse?
8. New York Red Bulls (-) same old New York
9. Real Salt Lake (+1) Improved from last season offensively
10. Kansas City (+1) Losing Wolff won't help this team, but it seems they will play better this season
11. Columbus Crew (+1) Beating FC Dallas 3-0 in the Lamar Hunt Cup seems to be a good sign, or is Dallas a lot worse from last season
12. FC Dallas (-7) This probably won't be their year
13 Toronto FC (-) Still undecided

1 comment:

BC Pangie said...

TFC ought to be higher. They showed a bit in pre-season, and they beat the Redbulls at the Carolina Challenge Cup, or whatever it is.