Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MLS Predictions

Here are my predictions for this week's games:

Toronto FC @ Kansas City - 2-0 KC; Toronto continues its search for its first MLS goal, whilst Eddie Johnson and KC bounce back after losing to Chicago

New York @ FC Dallas - 1-0 NY; Dallas' defence isn't good enough to cope with New York, and with Claudio Reyna pulling the strings from midfield, anything is possible

Kansas City @ Toronto - 1-1; Toronto gets a goal in front of its home crowd. They hold on for the draw as KC pushes everthing they've got

D.C. United @ Columbus - 1-1; Emilio is showing everyone he can get it done, however, Erpen shows us why D.C. hasn't won yet. On the other hand, Columbus remain undefeated

Chivas @ L.A. - 3-2 Chivas; Kljestan's presence is missed in the Chivas midfield (I believe that he is suspended), although the Razov-Galindo partnership carries Chivas to victory

NE @ Dallas - 2-0 Dallas; New England struggle and are swept aside by Dallas

Chicago @ Houston - 1-0 Houston; Chicago struggle away from home as Houston bounces back from defeat at New York


Monday's Game
Colorado @ RSL - 1-0 RSL; RSL needs a win here, and that's what they get. Also, a shoutout for the rookie keeper Seitz.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for Mark Geiger in the last RSL game against Houston. In the beginning it seemed like there was hope for this Referee but quickly it all changed. Actually he is quite superior when it comes to officiating Major league soccer. How? He is close to the top of the list as one of the worst referees MLS has. Wait most referees the MLS has are HORRIBLE. Where do they find these guys? Are they government workers (NO accountability)? It is time that the MLS/USSF holds their officials accountable for their decisions. If anything will kill the momentum of Major League Soccer in the USA it will be the poor quality of officiating. Hold these guys accountable for their actions and penalize their $3,500 pay checks.

What am I talking about?
1. Chris Wingert – Red Card OK but Yellow for Instigator Corey Ashe… THAT’S CRAP!
2. How about the “Flagrant Hand Ball” by Goalie Pat Onstad out of the box? NO CALL!
3. At times I thought I was watching another sport because of the constant leveling of players when in the box.
4. There are just too many examples to mention.

I have to mention the NO CLASS play by Houston not returning the ball to RSL after Brian Ching took a five minute dive. I spoke with him personally during the game and he even felt like that was classless by his team. As a national player he should have taken the initiative to return the ball.

Some of the calls are so BAD that it screams online gambling scams. What? A ref might bet on the game… Yes it looks like the refs are supplementing their $3,500 check with an online bet.

The events that transpired in the last minutes of the RSL – Houston game by the fans, players, and coaches was out cry for the league execs. to pull their heads out of their butts and do something about this crap.

Anonymous said...

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