Saturday, April 28, 2007

Toronto FC vs. Kansas City

What an atmosphere at BMO Field! This time it really seemed like there was a sell-out crowd (unlike Colorado). There was a lot of optimism in the Toronto support, although the pin drop silence when Eddie Johnson scored was a bit amusing.

Don Garber must be pleased with his decision to bring MLS to Canada. Toronto's new signing Danny Dichio was impressive, as was Greg Sutton (who was awarded Man of the Match). Eddie Johnson was a bit fortunate with the deflection of his shot for the winning goal, although Toronto proved that they can play at MLS level.

Either way, there were promising signs coming from Toronto. Even a 1-0 scoreline seems harsh, although I am disappointed that they have no points of even a goal, considering I put them third in my predictions for the Eastern Conference.

On KC's side of the game it looked good to see Eddie Johnson on the scoresheet again. Carlos Marinelli did come off in the 10th minute, although KC coped well without him. Kevin Hartman didn't make any new friends in Toronto. All in all, it seems that Curt Onalfo has a good team coming together. Now if they can only cope with the Gold Cup and Copa America, we may see KC's play-off drought come to an end.

Finally, it seemed that MLS couldn't make ut its mid when to start the match. First it said 12:00 PM (EST), then it said 3:30 PM on ESPN. I checked, it said 3:30 PM as well, but then the game started at 1:00 PM. Huh?


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